Respect in the Workplace

Create and maintain a
safe & inclusive workplace culture.

Why is Respect in the Workplace Important?

  • Creates and maintains a fair & inclusive workplace culture
  • Promotes a positive workplace environment and healthy relationships
  • Improves morale and teamwork
  • Co-workers are treated with dignity
  • Helps establish appropriate personal boundaries
  • Builds trust and mutual respect
  • Generates feelings of fairness, equality
  • Better supervisor/employee relationships
  • Desire for personal growth and development
  • Employees are focused and engaged in their work
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Comply with Provincial and Federal Human Rights and Labour Codes
  • Lower levels of employee absenteeism
  • Create a Psychological-Safe Workplace

What makes HR Proactive Inc. different?

HR Proactive has been building Respectful Workplaces since 1997. We deliver results focused training that makes good people better!

Workplace Sensitivity Training
Ready for Remote and In-Office Employees

Promoting workplace sensitivity and respect in today’s diverse and fast-paced workplace can be challenging. When respect is part of the healthy workplace culture and norm, approached thoughtfully, there is valuable workplace growth that comes from implementing training focused on diversity.

Our engaging instructional design and subject-matter expertise helps you train your workforce on understanding what constitutes respect and civility, and what behaviours cross the line and can lead to complaints.

Course Highlights

Respect in the Workplace Learning Objectives

  • Identify harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and violent behaviours
  • Differentiate between harassing and non-harassing behaviours
  • Identify the protected grounds in Human Rights Law as they relate to discrimination
  • Recognize behaviours that could lead to workplace violence
  • Identify behaviours that support both personal and organizational values
  • Understand the steps to take if you or someone you witness is subjected to harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination or violence
  • Describe employer and employee responsibilities and accountabilities

Customized Instructional Design

HR Proactive’s training is highly experiential with case studies throughout the program to reinforce the learning objectives.

Respect in the Workplace training can be implemented as part of a cultural initiative and can be enhanced with other popular topics such as: Bystander Intervention and Unconscious Bias & Microaggressions.

At HR Proactive, we believe training should be Your Way and we offer all methods of delivery:
  • Best-in-Class Live Virtual Workshop
  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Streaming Service
  • MP4 Video File
  • SCORM Package
  • Online Training Centre (hosted on our/your LMS)
  • Custom Training Design & Delivery


Your Way!

HR Proactive offers several options
to train your workers quickly, easily
and cost-effectively.


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Instructor-Led Training

We provide engaging, interactive and experiential workshops that are customized to your company’s needs.

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Are you a Federally regulated employer and subject to Bill C-65?

Amendments to the Canada Labour Code contained in the Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations came into effect on Jan. 1, 2021, and expanded the existing Prevention of Violence framework. Known as Bill C-65, these amendments strengthen provisions in the Canada Labour Code by providing a comprehensive approach that takes all forms of harassment and violence into consideration. This will and does help federally regulated employers to better prevent, respond to, and provide support to those affected by harassment and violence in the federal public service.

Some examples of what is required under Bill C-65 legislation include:

  • Ensuring that a resolution process is in place, and that issues are resolved in a timely and transparent manner;
  • Identifying risk factors that contribute to harassment and violence in the workplace, and developing and implementing preventative measures to mitigate these risks; and
  • Designing and developing harassment and violence training and ensuring all parties in the workplace, including the employer, participate in this training.

Learn more about Bill C-65

Why Choose Training by HR Proactive?

We provide training “Your Way” and offer our world class training programs in all formats such as SCORM or hosted on our LMS.

  • Customizable with your Logo/Policy.
  • Content that has case scenarios throughout to reinforce concepts.
  • Employee and Manager Versions.
  • Engaging content with audio and video media elements.
  • Can be used as an international training program whether you are located in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom or China.

Real Work Case Scenarios that reinforce Respectful Workplace Concepts

Our Respect in the Workplace program will reinforce the expectation that each of us is responsible for:

  • Creating and maintaining a fair, inclusive, and respectful workplace;
  • Treating co-workers with dignity and respect;
  • Promoting positive and healthy relationships;
  • Avoiding conduct that is in contravention of company policies and the law.

Assign & Access Training Reports with Ease

HR Proactive’s LMS is a simple, engaging system that makes it easy to add new learners and assign courses. Let us customize your training portal with your policies and industry specific training. Our reporting features make it easy to track who has taken the course and date of completion. Our LMS makes it simple to deliver online HR and H&S compliance training whether it is part of Onboarding New Hires or Refresher Training for current employees. Courses can be accessed 24/7 and can be repeated. Reach your workforce wherever they are with mobile-responsive courses for easy access across devices.

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