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Respect in the Workplace:
Violence & Harassment eLearning Program

HR Proactive’s Respect in the Workplace: Violence & Harassment eLearning Program will help fulfill the objective of improving culture and risk, and liability reduction. This program has an employee version with an add-on for manager training, and is also available in French.

Our online Violence & Harassment eLearning Program is approximately 30-40 minutes with interactive case studies throughout. A final quiz will ensure employees understand the concepts of a Respectful Workplace and their responsibilities in creating and maintaining a work environment free from bullying, harassment, discrimination, and violence. A Certificate of Completion is provided for employees achieving a minimum score of 80%.

Course Objectives:

Our Respectful Workplace: Violence & Harassment eLearning Program reinforces the expectation that all employees are responsible for:

  • Creating and maintaining a fair, inclusive, and respectful workplace;
  • Treating co-workers with dignity and respect;
  • Promoting positive and healthy relationships;
  • Avoiding conduct that is in contravention of company policies and the law.

Upon completion of this program, employees will be able to:

  • Identify harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and violent conduct;
  • Differentiate between harassing and non-harassing conduct;
  • Identify the protected grounds in Human Rights Law as they relate to discrimination;
  • Recognize conduct that could lead to workplace violence;
  • Understand the steps to take if you or someone you witness is subjected to harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, or violence;
  • Describe employer and employee responsibilities and accountabilities.

Course Content

Our Respectful Workplace Online Violence and Harassment Prevention Training Program covers:

  • Introduction
    • Definition of the Workplace
    • Case Studies
  • Harassment in the Workplace
    • Effects of Workplace Harassment on the Individual and the Organization
    • What is a Respectful Workplace and Why is it Important?
    • Examples of Harassment
    • Recognizing Harassment
    • Types of Harassment: Bullying (Psychological Harassment), Sexual Harassment
    • What is Not Harassment
  • Discrimination in the Workplace
    • The Protected Grounds
    • About Discrimination: Meaning of Discrimination, Discrimination in Employment
    • Recognizing Discrimination
  • Violence in the Workplace
    • Defining Workplace Violence
    • About Workplace Violence
    • Sources of Violence
  • Dealing with Harassment and Violence
    • Are all incidents reported?
    • Action you can take: Ask the harasser to stop, Keep a Written Record, Report the Harassment
    • What to do if someone else is harassed
    • What to do if you experience violence in the workplace
  • Accountabilities
    • Employers
    • Supervisors/Managers
    • Employees
    • Unions and Associations
  • Key Takeaways

The Respectful Workplace

For Supervisors & Managers
Online Training Includes Quiz


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SCORM Training File

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HR Pro Hosted LMS

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Instructor-Led Training

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Respect in the Workplace Online Training Solution
for Workplace Violence & Harassment Prevention

At HR Proactive Inc., we are constantly working to offer our customers high-value products and services that provide solutions for challenges affecting employee productivity, workplace well-being and compliance with legislation. With our Respectful Workplace eLearning Program, we offer a best-in-class Learning Management System (LMS) as well as a SCORM compliant program so you can upload to your own LMS.

Online training offers flexibility
We recognize the challenges that employers face in rolling-out employee training. However, our online programs offer flexibility to accommodate schedules. Our online courses can be taken whenever and wherever there is Internet access – courses are self-paced allowing participants to start, stop or pause the program as necessary.

Powered by an easy-to-use Online Training Platform
OR Purchase SCORM for your own LMS

Our Respectful Workplace Online Training Program:

  • Provides interactive, challenging and customizable content.
  • Includes scenarios throughout the program to engage the learner and bring the content to life.
  • Canada-wide program that can be rolled-out to all employees in every province or territory.
  • Our program can also be rolled-out by international companies to train all employees with one program.
  • Content is available in both English and French.

Supervisors/Administrators can:

  • Monitor participation
  • Easily track results
  • Create online quizzes
  • Schedule follow-up sessions

Employees can:

  • Self-register on a secure site
  • View and complete the course at their convenience
  • Participate in online quizzes
  • Produce Certificates of Completion


Our Respect in the Workplace: Violence & Harassment Online Training Course will be customized to include your organization’s Logo and Harassment & Violence Policy Procedures and Human Resources staff contacts. As well, the course Welcome Page will contain a course introduction about your organization.


Upon successful completion of the Respectful Workplace: Violence & Harassment Online Training Program quiz, the employee will be able to print their own Certificate of Completion. The LMS has robust reporting features that will allow the administrator to print off a master list of all employees who have completed the program and been certified.

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